That’s not for girls..! Who says?

The recent Rio Olympics have become special and superior. Three different women from three different parts of the world, playing three different sports have got the entire nation applauding. Dipa Karmakar, Sakshi Mallik and PV Sindhu have made India proud at the world stage. These superstars have made the entire nation hold their grip.

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So what did you dream last night?

You  scaling  Mt.Everest? A dive into the deepest of oceans or you singing at the Oscars? or  maybe addressing  a press conference at  an international summit?  Dreams, dreams, dreams.  By day or by night, they really keep us moving:) and  say something  beautiful about you. They convey what you want to be and who you are. The trophies you seek and joy cialis at the end of the rainbow.

So come on,  picture your dream,  and  march  towards it. Because what you see is #WhoYouAre. or maybe what’s waiting for you.

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