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Gowns are synonymous with elegance and class. Not only do evening gowns make you look urbane, they also exhibit your sensuous feminine side. Party gowns, with their cuts and silhouettes, are often considered the best way to highlight your curves. Choose any one from our huge collection of gowns for women and steal the spotlight at any party.

If you prefer an elegant gown, we have you covered. Choose our Wine Lace Gown that features a boat neck and kimono sleeves. Pair this red gown with metallic accessories for a perfect evening look.

Black is bold and beautiful. Keeping this in mind, we at AND have designed a classic black gown that is absolutely stunning. Choose our Black Ruffled Gown, a classic ladies long dress with a layered hemline. Team this classic black gown with block heels, a clutch, and wear a bold red lip colour for the perfect evening look. You can also opt for a royal look in our Black Velvet Gown, a masterpiece. It boasts of V-neckline with net detailing. Style this one piece dress with shimmer pumps and a box clutch. You can also add a slim belt for extra glamour.

Try our Pink Peplum Maxi Dress, for a different look. Style this western dress with pumps and add one of our handbags for a formal, office wear look. Substitute the pumps for kitten heels and you are ready for a fun evening. If you carry off lace like you love it, we have the perfect dress for you. Our Wine Lace Maxi Dress with a bodycon fit and slit detailing is your perfect accompaniment to any party. Style this new long dress with gold geometric earrings for a stunning look.

Off shoulder has been the trend this season, so why not infuse it in our gowns. We have designed this stylish Coral Off Shoulder Tulip Maxi Dress that is sure to turn heads. This one piece dress, with an off-shoulder neckline and Tulip hemline is bright and cheerful, perfect for both day as well as night outings.

Abstracts are always in style. Pair our Pixel Pop Asymmetric Maxi with black heels for a chic look. Go bold in our Ellen Maxi Dress, a classic dress with cap sleeves and stripes details. Style this dress with tan flats and a beach tote for a perfect day outing. If stripes fascinate you, try our Printed Column Maxi Dress. A grey maxi dress in a long-line column silhouette with a printed linear design at the bottom is perfect for day outings if paired with minimal accessories.

Make a bold statement wearing our Adriana Peplum Gown. This beautiful dress comes with a strapless bodice in a peplum style and a solid black skirt. Add a bold neckpiece to complete the look.

If you love sheer, try our Sheer Cape Black Maxi Dress. This dress comes with a scoop neckline in the front as well as back and has a sheer cape with embellishments on the hem. Just add black heels and a black clutch, and you are ready for a night out with friends.

Gowns are versatile. Team them up with the correct accessories and style them the right way to alternate between a day and night outing. Now shop for one piece dresses and gowns online at our webstore from the comfort of your home and avail free shipping.