Rujuta Bhatt

Rujuta Bhatt – International Swimmer & Fitness Enthusiast

To professionally take up any sports activity at a young age, comes with a lot of commitment and sacrifice. Rujuta started swimming at the age of 5. By the time she was 10, she had already won 6 golds and 1 silver with 3 new national records. At 14, she was already representing India. When she was 16, started getting tougher. While she missed competing for one Nationals due to her fracture, she got dengue for the next. Barely recovered, she still decided to swim, and went ahead to win a bronze medal. After all this, she did not qualify for Youth Olympics due to internal sports politics. This broke her completely and everything started to feel pointless. She gave up on everything and ate recklessly. Put on a lot of kilos & wore baggy clothes. After taking a break for 2 years, she’s back to swimming and fitness, but her purpose is clear –
She does it for her passion & love for water and refuses to stop!