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Formal Wear


Your look at the workplace is just as important as your work itself. When you turn up well dressed, you create a desirable impression and command authority. Dressing sloppily doesn’t help your reputation, even if you remain committed towards your job. To make the right impression, you need to choose the right ladies formal wear for a professional yet stylish 9-to-5 look. Be it a pair of trousers or a formal skirt you’re wearing to work, style is more important than ever. AND’s fresh collection of formal dresses for women is crafted to add grace and style to your everyday office look. With our ladies formal wear, you are sure to earn praises for your neat and chic look at work.

Formal dressing doesn’t have to be drab anymore. With AND’s fabulous range of professional wear for the modern woman, you can revamp your wardrobe and mix a little fun into work. Understanding the demands of the modern workplace, AND has designed contemporary formal dresses and formal shirts for women. The exclusive designs from AND create a striking effect by blending breezy colours with lively patterns. No longer do you have to stick with dull shirts and uninspiring dresses in a bid to look professional at work.

Presentations are important but looking presentable yourself is equally important. For those times when you are tasked with the job of making an impression on an audience in a formal setting, choose one of the solid colour formal shirts for women from AND. Pair it with a black trouser, match it with nude pumps and you are all set for a remarkable presentation. For a different look, try a formal dress with a blazer during the winters. Remember to match the colour of your blazer with your AND formal dress for the complete effect.

Sartorial and comfort issues feature among the top problems of working women. Wearing a formal dress for 9 hours can be quite tricky if it is not comfortable. With AND as your fashion stylist, you can let go of such worries. AND not only uses only the finest material to create its range of ladies formal wear but also believes in keeping a woman comfortable even as she looks gorgeous. Try our ladies formal shirts and your favourite jeans for your next meeting - you won’t be disappointed either with the comfort level nor the effect you have on the audience. To enhance your look, wear a formal neck piece matching with your shirt. Keep it simple by wearing matching peep-toes and you are sure to earn jealous looks from co-workers.

To buy formal dresses or formal shirts for women from AND, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your house. Visit our online shopping platform to glance through our vast collection of formal wear available in a range of style and sizes. Wear AND to flaunt your feminine charm at work like never before.