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Maxi dresses are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. They are not only comfortable, but also look uber stylish, adding heaps of elegance to one’s look. Easy to wear and style, floor length dresses are a favourite during those sweet summer days.

Long dresses for women were once associated with dressy and formal occasions. But long dresses for ladies are now worn on a variety of occasions. What makes them a great choice for a range of occasions is their inherent versatility. For an office party, sport a formal maxi dress with matching pumps for a sophisticated yet charming look. For a day on the beach, pair a maxi dress with flip-flops and hats and you’re set to sail through the day in style. With AND’s exciting range of breezy and chic floor length dresses, you can now carry yourself in equal parts style and grace. The fashion repertoire of AND has a touch of ultra-modern style in all its long dresses for ladies. With their lovely design and colours, these maxi dresses are sure to captivate onlookers.

Our artful conception of floor length dresses has been used to design stunning pieces for the modern woman. Women love sporting flowy maxi dresses but choosing the right one can be tricky. You need to know what will fit you just perfectly. A new long dress can instantly make you trendy and chic. The best part about maxi dresses is that they look great on all body types and sizes, imparting a clear elegance and grace. While airy long dresses for women work brilliantly in the summer time, they can be worn equally well during the winters. All you need to do is pull up a long coat, jacket or shrug with boots to go with your maxi dress. To look stunning in your new long dress, add a neck piece to finish the look, wear light make-up and put on a matching pair of flats.

When checking out the online collection of AND, you will come across a variety of bold fashion pieces. Be sure to pick one to flaunt your daring side. Our fresh collection of maxi dresses online India, with its lively hues and distinct patterns offers something to all body types and size. AND doesn’t only focus on style but also crafts ensembles keeping comfort in mind. Every maxi dress you pick at AND is sure to keep you at ease with its fine material and style.

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